My style? Minimalist, Adventurous and Emotional. I am very selective about what I allow in the frame with you, if it doesn't add context, it's out of there. I'm down to go to the furthest corners of the world for a good tear or a smile!. I strive to capture the authentic emotion of your Wedding in all of its glory and make it the emphasis of my photographs. ​


Our Style

Hey, I'm Mike, a Marine Special Operations veteran, a father of four amazing little guys, and a husband to my beautiful wife Kelly.  After an incredible military career of over 12 years, an injury would not permit me to continue serving my nation; so I pursued my passion in photography and continue to serve families through my art.

My profession is my passion.

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Capturing Moments that are gone forever and impossible to reproduce

Wedding & Engagement


"Mike was a dream to work with, he carried our shoes, offered us his extra water and EVEN sang for us."​


β€œHe's willing to do anything to get the perfect shot (even lay on the ground)."

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